Upcoming Litters

Updated 8/8/19 

We have listed our Upcoming Summer and Winter Litters below, but at this time the reservations are full. If would like to be on a Waiting List, please fill out the Puppy Application.

After our deposits are full for a litter, we will take names on a waiting list, but we will not take any deposits from families on the waiting list. We will go down the list and contact the families should a puppy become available. 

Since mother nature participates in all of our planned breedings, sometimes the timing of a heat cycle or expected litter doesn’t always work out exactly as planned. South Florida Australian Labradoodles reserves first right to retain up to two breeding quality puppies for our breeding program from any of our planned litters. We may change the male we use for different reasons, but we will always use a mini. 

SF Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to refuse sale at our discretion.

The following upcoming breedings are estimates. mother nature is in charge not us. :)

Marshmellow/Nash - Mini reds, red extreme parti. Adult weight should be around 20-25 pounds. Reservation List Closed.

Daliah/Nash - Mini reds, reds with white markings.Adult weight should be around 25 pounds. Reservation List Closed.

Pretzel/Poptart - Mini, caramel, apricot, parti, chocolate, chocolate phantom. Adult weigh should be around 18-20 pounds. Reservation List Closed.

Waffle/Popcorn - Mini, creams to caramels, solids and parti. Adult weigh should be around 20-22 pounds.

Above 4 litters will go home end of November

Jelly/Tucker - Mini, apricot to reds. Adult weight should be around 18-22 pounds. Puppies go home beginning of year.

Drizzle/Popcorn - Mini, creams to chocolates, solids and parti. Adult weight should be around 20-25 pounds. Puppies go home beginning of year.