Guardian Program


If you live within 1 hour of Nashville, TN we are looking for guardian homes. (We are not looking for guardian homes in Florida right now.)

Since we do not believe in kenneling dogs and for us to expand our breeding program we have implemented the guardian home program. This ensures that all of our future breeding dogs will be raised as a family member in a loving home environment as our dogs are raised here in our home. Your puppy will be  chosen by us  and we will retain breeding rights for the life of the Guardian Home Contract.

In order to be considered as a guardian family, you must be able to meet these  requirements and provide the following for the dog:

1. At least one adult must not work outside the home full-time.

2. Must own your own home, not rent and have a full fenced yard. 

3. Guardian dogs must be fed Natural Balance Potato and Duck food.

4. Guardian dogs must be on NuVet Supplement wafers daily.

5. Families must complete Levels 1 and 2 training classes by the time puppy is 8 months of age, and provide proof of training to     us. These are basic level classes that provide socialization, manners, and basic commands necessary for a well behaved dog.      

6. All medications, including flea and tick preventatives and heartworm must be approved by South Florida Australian Labradoodles.

7. All medical procedures must be approved by South Florida Australian Labradoodles.

8. All guardian dogs must be professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks in accordance with grooming guidelines of SF Australian Labradoodles.

9. Guardian family agrees to keep in touch and send pictures at least once a month.

10. Always have the dog on a leash if not inside a fence.

11. Must live within 1 hour of Nashville and cannot move while in guardian home contract. 



We require a deposit of $1,000, that will be refunded to you when our Guardian Contract is complete. At that time we will spay/neuter your dog at our expense and the dog will be yours forever! All expense required for breeding, health testing etc. will be our expense. All costs that have to do with owning a puppy vaccinations, training, grooming, food and vitamins will be the cost of the guardian home. 

If you are interested please fill out the form below and someone will contact you. We are not flexible on any of the above requirements, please only fill out form if you meet all requirements. 

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