Puppy Application and Adoption Process

This puppy application is not binding or putting you on the waiting list. This is just basic information to start the process or if you are inquiring about a puppy or an upcoming litter. Our litters are usually reserved before the puppies are even born and that is usually the case with most Australian Labradoodle breeders, so if you decide you would like a puppy please fill out the Puppy Application and we will contact you. 

Adoption Process

After you complete the Puppy Application and you are approved, a deposit is made and your name will be added to the list of the litter of your choice. We will notify you when the litter is born. At birth and every week we will post pictures of the puppies on Facebook and Instagram. At four weeks our puppy selection process begins with the first person with a deposit for each litter.  We base the selection process on priority of reservation, special needs, color and  personality match. That person may choose from the currently available puppies or pass for a future litter.  Once we have confirmation of puppy choice, that puppy will be shown as adopted.  The remaining puppies are available for adoption by the next person on the list.  Once the families on the waitlist have had the opportunity to choose a puppy or wait for a future litter, the adoption process will be open. If you are on our waitlist for a future litter and see a puppy that you would like to adopt from the currently available puppies, you may let us know of your choice and we will promptly list that puppy as adopted.  

South Florida Australian Labradoodles has the option of withholding puppy(s) for our breeding program.


A wonderful part of our business is getting to know the families who adopt our puppies. As much as we would enjoy visiting with everyone who is interested in meeting our Australian Labradoodles, it’s just not safe or possible. We would have people coming in and out of our house daily. Young puppies are very susceptible to disease, and they deserve all the protection we can reasonably provide them. Potential buyers can expose our pregnant mother and newborn puppies to unnecessary danger. We raise our babies in the middle of our family home, not in a kennel. For these reasons, we are not open to the public for visitations. 
In lieu of visitation, we are happy to talk with you by phone or email. We keep our Facebook page updated frequently, and are happy to provide lots of pictures and other complete information on each puppy and litter we produce.

Thank you for understanding and allowing us to put the safety, health and well-being of your puppy as our greatest priority. 


Always nice for a car ride with Mom

 Our beautiful backyard in Tennessee...all the space the doodles want!

Our beautiful backyard in Tennessee...all the space the doodles want!

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